Thursday, September 9, 2010

Donut anyone?

Honestly, I can't believe how fast time flew this summer. *twas a great one xD*

And now the University of Malta awaits me, as I begin a Bachelor of Arts in Communication studies and music studies! :D Although at first to many people (including myself) it seemed a bit like I wasted 2 years of my life studying Science A levels for a course in which they are of no use...I'm still pretty hapy with my last 2 years and I don't reallly regret my choice of subject. xD Now I can say I'm pretty knowledgable in a number of fields right? :P

And for all those thinking I'm a tad bit silly for choosing my course..well I'm still pretty confident.
I know I'l be happy doing it, and I'll meet a lot of people I can that makes it something worth doing right? If I can love whilst doing what I love then my purpose is fulfilled and my life is a success. The bigger picture...I hope i wont forget it in the coming year.

Some lyrics I've been playing around with...

Sleeping but not quite a beauty
Spinning just not on a spindle
Wishing though it looks like a starless night...

It's past 12 and still no
charming pumpkin slippers.

The cat keeps jumping in and out of my dustpile,
the car keeps jumping in and out of my dustpile,
and it's making a mess.

Running but not quite road runner
Sweeping just not yet swept away
Fighting though it looks like a prince-less fight

It's past 12 and still no
charming pumpking slippers.

The cat keeps jumping in and out of my dustpile,
the car keeps jumping in and out of my dustpile,
and it's making a mess.

The mouth will scream when the toe is stepped on.

Last few thoughts...*before I approach 4 hours of piano and a few hours of unpacking my new bedroom before a paty tonight*...Don't you think birthdays are a funny time of year, almost like a New year's Eve just not in January...where an analysis is made and resolutions are reformed...where the bad is left behind in hope of a better, more challenging year...and as though it's possible for me to forget, people haven't stopped reminding me that I've turned old...become an adult!

Yup yup...bring it on.

8-9-10 was an unforgettable day, but now my eyes are set on what is to come and wooo I've got the high hopes of an 18 year old girl who's ready to change the world!

Yup yup... bring that on as well.


Elaine said...

haha i laughed out loud at the bit of "the mouth will scream when a toe is stepped on" love it ^^

Björn said...

Communications Studies in Malta? Sounds interesting...

In the last days I read this artice about immigration in Malta:

It would be nice to read something about your university experiences in the future. :-)