Friday, December 24, 2010


are probably not too different to me, but neither of us know it yet. Shh.

I have a sudden urge to write!
And not just to empty my head of thoughts but to see the way my handwriting changes as my sudden excitement bursts into a rush of words and squiggles.

To think of others, to write to others...
but not to be with them. I guess it's a strange world.
To seek to please people - may that not be my goal.

If we're coca-cola people
living in a diet-water world...
If everyone's roughly my age,
eating fast food, driving slow cars
Into our old books,
out looking for escapes,
somehow to stand out but fit in.

Not knowing what we're looking for,
but we'll know it when we hear it; when we see it...
probably preferring tea to coffee
[who am I kidding I can't live without both.]

You like this song coz you can hum it in the shower.

There's no 10 steps to anything.
Nothing to show me; to teach me.
Somehow it's up to me to focus my focus on what I want to focus.

My prayer is that I'll stop running,
to stop telling you I'm too busy,
I'm too good to need you!

My heart wants to never grow up.
To remain faithful and hopeful.
You'll always take me back; love me again.


le awesome! said...

Bertieeee I love youuuuu :) awesome bloggy-ness! Kiss kiss kiss :) haha woop! This is why were friends yes!

laurab said...

:) It is really cute and good :D Cu later yes? tc xxx