Monday, November 21, 2011

52- Week Project

So I was influenced by photographers and their 52-week projects i.e. a photo a week, and decided I'd do the same with my music this year :D [Vas put the pressure up]

Every week I'll be uploading some sort of recording, be it a piano track, a song demo, a composition assignment in progress, covers, WHATEVER :D Really excited to get it going and will hopefully keep it up! Woop woop let's do thiis!

52-Week Project by bettinacassar

Week 5: A Medley of Sorts [Fix You/ Never say Never/ Rolling in the Deep]
I guess my mood caught up with the rain and grey, cold weather this week.

:) Three amazing songs. On the melancholic side perhaps but hey :)

Sat at my piano in the dark and left the recorder on. Then had some fun with reverb and a few layers on Garageband, but otherwise it's pretty raw.

Part of my 52- Week Project on soundcloud.

Photo thanks To Julian Vas! Check out his photos!

Week 4: Philippa Cassar is my sister. I call her Phyllis. She calls me Bertie. We have embraced our sisterhood and here's the product :D ENjoy!

Part of my 52- Week Project on soundcloud.

Love to all :)

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