Sunday, August 10, 2008

if i had some more time i would blog properly..

soooo xD havent updated u all in agess...firstly becoz of all the hype of our trip to england to Soul Survivor..which is precisely 7 hours away xD aaaa haha so lemme just update some quick details b4 i go to bed!

i hav been driven absolutely mad by family packing and stressing lol *but i wuv dem* =P
illalllu ballu infact i dont hav 5 mins to update u on my thoughts coz i hav just been given 101 jobs to do...grrr these pre-big events days at home are one day gna drive me up d wall..
Blessingss to England
Will miss u and pray for u
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xD


Brooks said...

I'm off to bed now bett!!! We soon get to be buddies again XD Third year running lol Anways c u soon
God bless xxxxx

rache said...

see you in six hours haha =P mwaaaaaa
bless you oh so so soooo very much xxxxxxx

Lillayyy said...

how sweeeeeeeeeeet i miss you tooo! take care in england you lucky little one you!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx