Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If I had to tear down "Tear It Down" ...

So for those who don't know...i hav tonsilitis! xD and i've been stuck inside since yesterday and i shud be better by thursday according to the doctor! lol
all i've been doing is reading and sleeping!! now if you had to ask me what i wanted to do last week i would have told you "I just want to sleep forever and have time on my hands to reaaad!!"
so now i;m thinking i'm quite an ungrateful chicken lol...or else...i just don't know what i want lol..
i'm enjoying my relaxedness of being sick at home...but there's always the stress of having to catch up at school when i get better, at the back of my mind...nd u know what the worst part is?? im allowed to go to school on friday..the day of my organice chemistry test lol..greeaaatt =)...*but i can't study with fever and a sore throat..xD im too distracted!*

so the new CD is out!! wooo how exciting! =)..ive dreamed of the day there would be a CD with my music..and wow it happened! (alot of the things ive been dreaming of have been coming true lately aye xD)

i think i'l just let u all in on the reasons behind some of the songs in the CD..lol
since i have nothing better to do as a sick person, and everyones still quite CD-happy .....
1. "stronger"...wow that song was the hardest to write! lol...my mum had come up to us as a band and said "we need a song for the live-in stronger..so come up with it!" xD...nd she gave us the scripture verse that they got the idea for the live-in from and we got to work...
it took us all summer!i'm not excagerating!...bringing ideas to rehearsals and ripping them to peices every time...but nothing was ever gd enough sort of xD...
nd den one fine day after hours of wasted time trying and trying to compose this song (lol)...sam just came up with the melody! nd paul started playing his guitar riff ekk....(haha i was d one who put the lyrics of the chorus together...dnt do much lol)...nd den we had to think of lyrics for verses and all that...nd it actually turned out to be a very cool, anthemy song after all that hard work in our basement all summer!

2. "This is Our prayer"... this one many of u knw..i wrote last december/january (07/08)...and my main inspiration were drea and achie =D
they were both going through hard times..and as their friend i wanted to do all i could for them as would any friend... but i ended up feeling useless coz i couldn't take away their pain sort of thing..
and so i turned to God..and wrote a song as a prayer for them..fully realising that only God can help improve their situations and the most i could do was be there to listen and give advice if needed.

3. "Tear It Down"...oo la la..the beginning of my "coming-out-of-my-shell" conversion i would say! i was so into hiding myself and my feelings... i needed someone to know how i really felt! the lyrics were actually a journal entry i had written in d middle of the night with the light of my mobile phone on my bed ...and a couple of days later when i was reading thru them a tune came to my head and tadaa...

4."Let Me Know"...Amy's song as the band knows it =) so these are amy's lyrics and i put a tune to them..and mark sings it in the album! i think it was quite a God-thing coz usually i don't manage to put tunes to lyrics that aren't my own..but it turned out to be a great nd powerful song!

5. "All I Need"...Sam and Rob G wrote this song back when Rob was still in Malta!... sam fixed the lyrics and everything a bit and there you have it...a simple yet great worship song =)

6. "I Long" this is leana's! xD she wrote it quite some time ago and then sang it to us in summer..and we found the chords and everything...nd den we tot it wud be a nice piano-y song..nd so it remained a prayerful, quieter song!

7. "It's Alright"...hah not much to say about how i wrote this song...O Levels! lol that explains it all! well honestly..this song helped me get thru those hard days during my studying period hehe...but funnily enough the lyrics of the song were written like the year b4..nd i re-found dem and wrote the music...nd it turned out to be a rly encouraging song to me and ppls who heard it.

8."Your Love Endures"...i dont know much about this one. But Mark wrote it...showed it to us in our basement one hot summer's day (xD) and we just fixed it a little bit without making any grand changes and it turned out rly gd =)...*yaaay well done mark lol*...we probably wasted more time trying to think of a cool song-name (haha sam wanted to call it something totally bizarre that had nothing to do with the lyrics) and teaching paul a riff (which wasnt used in the final recording lol)...than we did actually "fixing" the song lol...gd times gd times

9."Second Best"...people tease me saying that this is the first happy song i ever wrote coz all my other ones are a bit melancholic! lol nd probably that's because i wrote this the day i finished o levels haha..well i had been working on lyrics and a tune during o levels but i dnt hav loads of free time...so as soon as i finished i got to work on the song..and after, the band helped fix it up a bit and we worked on a bridge together..(hah dat took long too..i think there are videos of it on the band's facebook page xD)..but hey..we have a happy song!=)

10."Everlasting"...yeee got to the end! melaaa this song...i think the initial inspiration was the fact that my dad was always coming and going to libya with work. Sometimes i think it really effects me...other times i think im surviving just fine with the situation...nd well this song happened on one of the bad days. It was my realisation that even if my earthly dad may be coming and going coz of work (nd coz he luvs me and needs to provide for us xD *luv u paaa* =) )....my heavenly dad is never gna change, move or nething u knw?
we also tried working on a bridge for this song all summer..and den one day pooff wen we least expected it..a bridge came to me lool...its rly funny how these thigns happen...coz sam paul and i wud hav been arguing over lyrics and melodies for hours and days and den suddenly...we get one thats gd!
This song remained the chilled jazzy song on the album aaaand...i hope u wer all smart enough to realise that our Cd ends with the lyrics "in this world everything ends, every little thing, every little thing ends"....*hah get it?? d cd ends??xD lol*

insomma..i thought this wud be a short pointless blog but i had fun going thru memories of song-writing and arguing in the basement..and hot summer afternoons in san gwann dat took ages to pass xD...(wen every1 was at d beach and we had to finish a song for studio lol) with sweaty smelly boys haha ajmaa...
i will take this opportunity to honour everyone in the band for all their hard work over the months...their constant prayer and practise and all their dedication and perseverence! I'm lucky to have people like you to work with..and we're all lucky to hav ppls like u coz u guys can play some gd music! glee ur all great!! nd i luv u hafna even tho i get pissy at times..(well do u blame me?? after spending a stretch of hours with them?? dey can be so lethargic and un productive u have no idea lol *jokiiiing* =P)
Blessings to u all..may u enjoy the new CD and use it to get closer to the One who luvs u the most! =)


p.s...paul wanted me to title my blog: "Tear it Down" - The one which grouped my depressing songs!


Paul said...

Hahaaa illalu Bett, i rlly laughed at my own joke *and the memories* xD Miskin Ivan and Pete and Phillu didn't even get a mention :P

I think another amazing event was how Pete Farrugia in an unplanned fashion took over recording midway through the cd without any previous studio experience! Also i love Ivan's bass riffs regardless of all Andrew's priedki at Ivan haha. It was alot of hard work but when u see the fruit i guess its worth it, now its up to God to use us and the cd hux :)

*and p.s I never stank in summer! You used to grumble i smelt too much of cologne!*

And Re: Leana's songgggg as far as i know me and Sam aranged the music whilst you were at the beach ;p Yes i distinctly remember sitting on Leana's couch with a guitar lool

Bett we should publish a note on our band page on Fb with random facts about the CD *likeee did you know that Tear It Down's solo was not the original one recorded? muhaha! I had changed it towards the end remember? and thank God for that XD*

MINA said...

How cool...
Get well soon!

Matti said...

Interesting post Bet, it's nice to know how each of the songs really and truly originated! The CD is fantastic, and having heard it around 10 times already in the car (no joke!), I'm still enjoying listening to it! It really is a great and it is a grace from God that you have all managed to place your talents together to be able to come up with a fantastic piece of work that manages to glorify Him in His full glory.

And I laughed at Paul's joke as well :p I thought it was quite funny... that, and the fact that he would 'stink' too much of cologne hahahaha

M xxx

Paul said...

Anddd also ax i'm remembering!! I came up with Riffs and Chords of Strongerrr then Sam found a melody over them, thawwadx pls :P

Rachie said...

"coz sam paul and i wud hav been arguing over lyrics and melodies for hours and days and den suddenly...we get one thats gd! " Illa man, i was there once and it was crazy xD

(the captcha is celermen: men made of celery XD you like those, aye bet :P)

Josh said...

Is this a school? I just googled something and this popped up!

Bettina said...

is Tear it Down a school? No it's actually a music album by Y4J Band...xD u can check it out at :


Anonymous said...
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