Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If I had to write about someone i know well....

My english essay titled - A Person I Know Well

As I thought out this essay, I mentioned the title to my good friend Rachel and we ended up discussing the fact that knowing a person ‘well’ is all relative. I may believe I know someone inside out but I actually won’t. As our analysis continued, it dawned on me that after many similar conversations, I may actually know Rachel well – quite well in fact.

Rachel is a tall half-Dutch-half-Maltese seventeen year old girl, also known amongst friends as Achie, since there were once four ‘Rachels’ at a party and we had to distinguish them. Her short hair style in its playful manner and the glasses that sit crookedly on her nose, give her a friendly look, even before her bright smile is revealed.

She can be rather free-spirited when it comes to clothes. She will wear exactly what she feels like whether it is jeans and wellies, or a dress, heels and make-up, no matter the time or occasion. This is probably because of her ‘I-Live-for-God’ attitude, where she does not feel the need to impress anyone with anything more than herself. Although she is a smart know-it-all, she is always up for a laugh and eager to learn any extraordinary facts. She loves reading anything from Jane Austen, to Twilight, to the Bible. Very often she would prefer an evening with a good book than a night at a party. Her passion for writing may be linked to this fact.

She gets her creative streaks where she paints, dances, acts and takes part in the odd musical. Another thing Achie is very fond of is horse riding. Every Easter she persistently reminds us that the spring cannot go by before we all go riding together. In the winter, she also enjoys snowboarding at her Aunt’s apartment on the mountains in Switzerland.

The first time we clicked, we were both dressed up in crazy hippie costumes at a retro party. We spent the night chatting, laughing and dancing and since then have enjoyed doing countless wacky things together. We have been camping abroad; we have cleaned churches and babysat orphans; lived on a boat in Comino and even worked at a cafĂ©’ together. Sometimes she can do the most unheard of things, like wearing flip-flops in the middle of February. Listening to old music and rekindling old hymns are other things she will obliviously enjoy doing, without a care in the world about other people’s critical comments and opinions.

Rachel is random and tends to use uncommon words. She has very complicated theories that amount to a simple statement, but she would only realize this after a long time. She is almost addicted to Facebook, and enjoys writing poetry, songs and blogs. Her amazing ability to go off topic compliments her love for tricky theology and anything else that gets her thinking. When asked about her religious views she is proud to answer that she is “mad about Jesus!” many times she procrastinates and complains that she is doing so again. She over analyses everything form songs, to conversations, to the colour of a wall.

People may see Achie and get the impression she is a quiet introvert. However a book should never be judged by its cover. In her I have found a friend who is not scared of depth or vulnerability; someone who is not afraid of being genuine. This kind of true friendship cannot be traded for anything, irrelevant of how “well” I may know her!


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