Friday, April 9, 2010

If I could just write one more...

At home on a Friday night but my attitude is surprisingly positive...I'm enjoying the sound of wind and the black clouds outside my window, whilst sitting in a dimly lit room with books, quiet music and a different mug of tea every half hour.

I've been really excited lately...and blogging seems more and more appetizing everyday...xD Must be the studying.

I have so many Summer resolutions already.
My list of "Films To Watch" is steadily growing each time everyone goes to the cinema and i pass...but hey...eventually i'll watch them.
I am also going to commit to putting up a song a week of mine on my blog or youtube...ekk just to expose my music a bit and give you all something to listen to in summer :)

I'm on Pg.19 out of the 50 i thought I'd finish by this evening...hah Good Stuff.

This actually reminds me...I wrote this in one of my crazy creative-streaks that studying seems to bring along more often...

That's why we have schedules,
we need something to fall behind,
to be constantly ahead...
Yup, that's why deadlines and schedules exist.

And sometimes that's why we have leaders,
so that we can go before them
to show them where we want to go
and to then say "I've followed you."

That's why we have teachers,
to show them what we know and
to struglle our hardest to show we're still right
and we don't need anything from them
because WE....
Already know everything.
Everything they can do - we can do better.

Excuse the irony..but i do find these words quite challenging...and to an extent...true.

And so it's here, the month that may be the most boring of all...
the month which is welcomed in by chocolates, figolli and picnics
and most importantly Easter.

The month our neighbours' fighting grew louder, caving in nearer...
exams will come...
they're slowly creeping up to us..
They'll go...But how can i make this month count?
That beautiful adoration,
the comfort of the darkness and Your presence.

I'll add; do the calculations; estimate the number;
I'll score, miss, judge, rate,
what matters loses its significance,
weighty things not taken into consideration.

And no I am not ashamed to say I have listened to the album of HE IS WE about four times through this evening..:) it's keeping me sane haha..good stuff :)

I came across these websites…claiming to teach you how to be creative…I find this quite amusing.
But honestly I need to get creative! xD It doesn’t just mean drawing, writing, singing or the norm… ideas and lifestyles can be creative…outfits and events…hairstyles and conversations!

"we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us." Romans 5: 3-5

Aaaand if you're still reading... this song has made me cry about 3 times this evening..its worth listening to...

Man I destroyed my poor biro tonight...i bit it like never before xD *apology to Faber-Castelle pen*

If blogger distracts me again..i MIght have to blog again :) buuutt
I'll leave youuu to a luvly evening of aromatic rings and plots of flower-delivering...
Blessings :)


Simon said...

the sound of the black clouds?
nice blog bett
i think i got lost at a point, but i just woke up..

Bettina said...

si i think u shud pay attention to wat u read :P...i never said the sound of black clouds..XD i said
-> the sound of wind
-> and the black clouds outside my window
separately :P

Matt said...

I think you should start the film thing with "Remember Me", it really is good.

And I like the weekly song vlog thing. You must do it. That way if I don't have anything fresh to work on I can just remix yours :P

Zoe said...

Mmm I should have stayed home too! But yes productive-ness and creativity are the best (Y)