Thursday, April 22, 2010

If I kept it simple

Sometimes it's terribly romantic
Other times extremely childlike
Yet it's friendship still,
Whilst having a king-slave difference.

" one another intensely from a pure heart." 1Peter1:22


Matt said...

I'm just waiting to hear something with an organ. I like the organ XD

Bahsheep said...

Hmm I think you sent me this one a while back. I likey (:

You in yellow reminds me of your piano and creativity, so this is the perfect background for your blog.

I could go into more detail about imagery but I think that's just the morning of Revelation talking.

Bettina said...

haha indeed it's an old recording..coz brooks complained about my space-music so i decided to go for a balance and variety :P and please him a bit

and how funny even me..yellow makes me feel creative..and so the paint on white was just an ace photo!

hah Matt..more organ sounds on the way :P

Brooks said...

I wasn't complaining about it! =O I just said it sounded space-alienish xD Pffft! I do believe it's good to experiment but yes, finding a balance is good sometimes =P

Brooks said...

And I really like this piano piece btw!

Pawlu said...

*fyi Yellow was Van Goghs favourite colour :) He even painted his house yellow. That said he was eccentric, medically and not in the modern sense XD*

Pawlu said...

''And I really like this piano piece btw!''

And same XD