Monday, June 14, 2010

I have a job of a perfectionist; a patient one at that.
I wonder if I’ll make it.

Sweat is too close for comfort.

My latest ‘job’ is recording piano music for ballerinas to dance to. Sure, I thought that would be simple – play through the piece once or twice, transfer it onto the computer, chuck in a CD, copy the track Et Voila`! Not quite.

I have played this childish tune over about 20 times, each time with a tiny mistake that I cannot bear to ignore. My finished product had to be something I could listen to and dance to without cringing, no matter who was listening.
In the mean time I’m researching piano ergonomics. You wouldn’t believe the slide shows and presentations I’ve come across. Thing is, I had back pain this morning whilst practising and I panicked! I wasn’t able to use the pedal and play normally. And when I have so much to practise in such a short time but am in too much pain to continue I get highly frustrated.

Some causes of stress
Practising for too long without a break - particularly fast playing which doesn’t give the muscles time to recover.
• Excessive practising brought on by panic when trying to learn new music against the clock, or when worried about auditions or exams.
• Returning to a full practice regimen after a holiday or other break from the instrument. A full practice load should be built up to gradually after a break.
• Poor posture and unsuitable seating - often resulting in back, neck or shoulder pain.

Ok I won’t go on, I think you get my point. xD Tomorrow I will make sure I am sitting ergonomically.


MINA said...

ergonomics and anthropometrics! remides me of architecture chair design projects. good luck with your job

Kai said...

so thats what the foot thing is XD
miskina bett!!
you need to relax :P and sit properly xD

Kevin said... about using something like Adobe Audition Pro to edit your recordings and save on playing the same song repeatedly? Need any help, let me know.