Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If Behind The Scenes were exposed...

If you’ve ever taken part in a production such as a Soiree, or a musical, or a play or in my case a ballet show, you’d know about the hustle and bustle taking place behind the scenes. The smells of costumes and musty changing rooms; the sounds of excited chatter and people warming up; the fast pace in which everyone’s getting ready and doing themselves up to go out on the stage and be in the spotlight. After days of rehearsals, and hours of run-throughs all that matters are those few minutes, of performing on stage. They zoom past without allowing too much to sink in. As soon as you’re out on stage, time flies and it’s all over and you find yourself at another cast party or dinner, reminiscing about all the rehearsals you previously complained about.

I think our lives are a big stage (I know…talk about cheesy metaphor right?). So much goes on behind the scenes that it’s hard to say someone fully knows us. Think about it. If the audience would have seen the dress-rehearsal of any show they would be shocked. They’re usually horrendous in comparison to the real show (my, a day can make such a difference!) If they knew how many swear words were flung; how many times the same props were taken in and out; and the amount of tears that went into it they’d be gobsmacked…perhaps disgusted. I believe many of us treat our lives the same way. We long to tell people “If only you could know what’s really going on behind the scenes…behind this performance…this mask…you’d be horrified and never come back.” Even though we might not be hiding, there still is that lack of someone who has been through all the things we have to fully understand what goes on in our “Behind-the-Scenes”.

All the hard work that goes into performances may even go overlooked as it is performed perfectly on the night of the show. How we wish sometimes for people to acknowledge our effort and hard work. We long for encouragement after days of trying to pray more and be more patient for example, but sometimes nobody recognizes just how much time we’re putting into helping others, or how many painful memories we’re trying to get rid of just to forgive. It all goes unappreciated.

Other times we’re just glad we can keep those shameful bloopers to ourselves. But it’s a huge relief to know…That there’s someone who has been to every rehearsal; has seen every mistake; has watched every re-run and imperfect dress-rehearsal; was there when our costumes and masks got ruined…and still chooses to be a part of this long performance, also known as our life. God actually wants to be a part of our lives even after seeing every thing we’ve been through and everything we’ve done. It’s because of this that He can truly understand us to our deepest beings.

I promise if I had more time I’d write forever about this topic because performances and recitals, and God and life are favourite topics of mine…but I guess studies don’t permit and I should go continue. So…Blessings to all! Break a leg! Make history with your lives and show others you appreciate them! Don’t be scared to dig deep and invest time in getting to know someone!

*My inspiration came from this song..i put together a simple video with photos of past performances just for the fun of it!Enjoy!*


Rachie said...

It's a very shakespearean concept, "the world is but a stage, and men merely players" (Players = actors)

Loved the video (: Reminded me of all the performances I've taken part in. Somehow gege's really highlight the individual effort.


MINA said...

achie's captcha = egoistic mina :)

I really like this concept.

Ben said...

youre very right bett! Gods been to all those rehersals but ive also allowed other people in to see those rehersals in time like and it has helped because they guided me to see Gods light in the darkest moments!

That video made me cry,gabitli qalbi tikka, i miss playing guitar , having rehersals here and there preparing for giggs :P even if in those days we used to make a fool of ourselves haha i miss it, i miss the pre excitment(which for me kicked in onlyu in the last 10 mins ) :P thanks bett for a great post!

mc said...

amazing always...reminds me of smthing i wrote XD

Matti said...

Excellent post Bet. I take it back actually, this was outstanding.

What you said is completely true, the 'trial runs' are always full of mistakes yet even though there are such errors, God is always there to pick us up from the abyss whenever we do wrong.

Unless I didn't read properly, which might be the case as I decided to read this as a break from studying, you could also say that our entire life can be seen as a rehearsal for the final grand stage of it all - when we finally meet God after our 'trial runs' on this Earth.

P.S. Loving the fact that there's a sense of punctuation used in this blog :p

Bettina said...

I know right?..I did it purposely for you English-loving people who can't stand a lack of punctuation! xD

Maxi said...

maaaa bet i miss u so much ! that video made me really depressed! i miss all our shows together!! cnt wait for the next one! (whenever it shall be hahaha)

awesome post!! totally true !!

hope to catch up wit u soon bet!!! xxxxx we need cousinly bonding !

Bettina said...

Maax!! We must we must!! xD...aaah shows...*nostalgia*...and we have summer to catch up me hopes xD xxxx

Simon said...

hey bet, i finally got down to reading your long blog, but i must say, i didn't mind at all, it all made sense...prosit, u have a talent of putting things ino words nicely.
I want to say though, that there are always those people who in lifes stage do not show, but are part of the backstage crew, making things happen without being seen themselves...I take these to be all the people who in our life do little things we usually ignore, or pray for us, and i thank them all from here from the bottom of my heart.