Sunday, January 3, 2010

If I blame myself for failing, am I blaming myself for succeeding?

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I felt loved and was loved. I loved.
I had good times at JC; on roundabouts, in libraries, in lessons.
A few Christmas meals, masses, and celebrations later I’m still here.
With friends around me and a God so much greater than me.
A supporting family that pushed me through my watery-eyed moments
And rolled their eyes at me and laughed in my happiest moments.
I was unsure about certain things; but I had strong convictions about others.
I suppressed feelings, let out lots of others; learnt from people and taught a few.

I ate the weirdest of things; I cooked perhaps not the best of things.
I had very enjoyable meals, boring ones and just plain uncomfortable ones.
I played football, Wii, piano and a couple of guitars.
I’ve worn dress after dresss, at 18th after 18th.
I’ve played song after song at event after event.
I’ve posed for photos in England, Malta, Gozo and Comino.
I’ve slept on floors, sofas, air mattresses and beds –
At farmhouses, summerhouses, campsites and friends’ houses.

I entertained and was entertained.
I worked, helped and served getting so much in return.
I’ve been the most known and the biggest nobody.
I’ve felt cool and lame and tall and short and beautiful and ugly and smart and stupid
in the same night.
I’ve felt let down, picked up, revived, abandoned, refreshed and exhausted.
I’ve met person after person and became part of life after life.

I swam at the weirdest of hours with the craziest of people.
I’ve prayed with the largest of groups and all by myself.
I’ve watched good movies, bad ones, funny ones and avoided a couple here and there.
I’ve been understood, misunderstood and I understood.
I’ve spent time with people, away from people, and simply amidst people.

I’ve gotten sick; I’ve taken care of people and have been taken care of.
I’ve been on fire, lukewarm and just plain cold.
I’ve sung in the shower, in the studio, in front of people and to little crowds.
I’ve done the craziest and the most boring of things
....but I was created to.

And for all this…I am grateful.


Matti said...

You're amazing Bet. :)

mc said...

awesome!! i rly look forward to ur blogs...they're always rly gd bet XD

Ben said...

as i always tell you bettina, kellu bzon it tfajliet kollha bhalek! Im grateful and blessed that i know you!

Maxi said...

you're such a pooch bet! i love it ! the background music was brill aswell xD love u lotssss! x x x

Rachel said...

budaful! <3

Simon said...

amazing bett, i trully am lucky to have met you properly this year

Bettina said...

Hey guys thanks for the comments...:) der appreciated.

Simon! It's soon our one year of knowing eachother aniiversary xD

debbie said...

wow bett thats great!!! :) love it!!

laurab said...

WOW amazing bet:D