Saturday, May 30, 2009

If I stand here lifting empty hands...

"I'm so grateful that the thing i can't escape is You!"
=) Great lyric...!

Why is it whenever i feel like thinking, so many things come up..studies, friends, outings...So many things start coming between me and God, and me and sorting out my own head...I wondered a couple of weeks ago...xD..nd i can't say i've found the answer ( u knw wat?..this time i'm not even goin to apologize for the random unorganised-ness of my blog, i'm just going to enjoy it..=) )

Misunderstood: lack of someone who understands; incorrectly interpretted.
"There is no worse lie than a truth misunderstood by those who hear it."
Understood: to perceive and comprehend the nature and significance/ to know thoroughly by close contact and long experience with..

I go to God every night to find peace of mind in the fact that someone out there understands me...knows me because of "close contact" with me...WoW!
Wow because the person who knows me inside out is the King of the Universe...and Almighty God! I'm blessed =)
This world's not about me or myself being's about giving glory to Him whether i'm understood or not...i want to make Him understood with my life, actions and words!
He defines me; He gives me worth; He restores me.

"In this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33

Last point...which i learnt from Facebook.
Everyone changes their status in preparation for a massive night ahead...And so I'm going to join them...
in being ready for a huge night ahead of me...a night where God is going to do things to blow my mind away! This is His night and I know Hiw plans are beyond imagination..(even if we have to learn about the fruit in the long long long run)

My heart's empty and thristing
My soul is tired and expectant

Perhaps this is my time in between
but He's here with me and
Here it is He wants me to be...
I feel like an athlete warming up...
Itching to start my sprint
And reach the goal ahead of me!

I don't have to agree with the world...and I was never meant to. My actions should stand out to be full of love and humility...but how can I ever be all that?
How can i enter the presence of God? How can i ask Him to fill me? I am 100% not worthy..Yet...the same power that conquered the grave is living in me and tonight...
the love that rescued the earth will come to live in me again.....

=) *smiley-sigh*


Rachie said...


That book your mum read on wednesday really made me think about this stuff too ><


Bettina said...

ii bil haq my mum said i should read it..haven't got down to doin it yet...kumbinazjjoni xD

Rachie said...

silly :P


Lanfy said...

quite an unusual blog bet imma cool makes u think!