Sunday, May 3, 2009

If all days could be so pensive I'd write a book...xD

So Achie asked me to blog somewhere, sometime today..and I guess i'm easily influenced and couldn't resist blogging after such a pensive day.
However it's not gonna be a typical me see my thoughts are still too unorganised to add up to a decent blog...but i will just leave you with a few of the things that were on my mind today...and i might elaborate on these topics some other time.

First of all something i wrote a few days ago which you can all interpret for yourselves because i don't think i should explain it just yet:

"It took a stupid incident like that to make me realize my Holy Lord and God still lives and still reigns over this world that seems lost... and over my life that seems aimless.
It took a hurt to draw me back closer; a misunderstanding to make me dive deeper into knowledge, truth and understanding. " i was searchin for song-writing schools and one of the questions this certain school asked their musicians was.."What is your favourite word?"...nd i thought about it and have decided mine is....*drumroll*

Dictionary: ex•u•ber•ant

1. Full of unrestrained enthusiasm or joy.
2. Lavish; extravagant.
3. Extreme in degree, size, or extent.
4. Growing, producing, or produced abundantly; plentiful: “Threads of her exuberant hair showed up at the bottom of the sink” (Anne Tyler). See synonyms at profuse.

Again..this is to be further explained another time xD....coz this leads to my third trail of thought of the day....I want to go to a music school..take a gap year perhaps...go to come song-writing school..or sumting of the something out of the ordinary u knw?...But after thinking about it...I concluded if God wants me to go to uni then i'll go..and if i'm meant to take a gap year or not go to uni at all...then let that happen! =)

And finally xD
Pain?...why aren’t we grateful for it?...Why don’t we expect to feel it?

Those were Bettina's thoughts of the day...enjoy thinking about them!
This song's actually rly good if you'd care to give it a listen =)'s God-centered...lately all the songs are "ME/I" centered..and im sick of them..
(hah another thought and i wasn't even aware of it)



Rachie said...

I'm chucking the vid onto my iPod so I can watch it before I sleep XD I don't really feel like making noise right now :P

<3 (:

mc said...

hey haha pain discussion on fb :) aw ur gap yr thing reminded me of smthing...remind me to tell u abt it...might cm in handy if u decide to take a gap yr (was actually considerin the thought myself lately but i concluded i wnt lol.
blessings xx

MINA said...

gap year sounds cool
exuberant reminded me of something but if i told you you'd think i'm really strange so I won't on a comment, I was going to twitter it but it's probably even worse.
how do you manage to totally surrender all your decisions?
flashing cursor

Chris said...

i just thought id share some thoughts on pain bcos ive been thinking about it alot the past few days.. imo we need pain sometimes to keep us on the right track and teach us fact some of the most effective things we learn seem to be the most painful, but then this led me to many others about it. How should we look at painful situations when going through them? The obvious answer is with hope, and try to be positive about them. But after all will it still remain pain then? Or would it simply become like any other situation and just a normal part of our life once we accept it? And in accepting it will we still learn as much as we would have otherwise, the same strong valuable lessons as when the pain was still painful? Hope im making sense :)

Paul said...

I thought i was mentioned qannaaa, laqqas haqq i stayed reading it

*offended ah laqqas a happy b'day pfft, some friend :P*

Bettina said...

first of all..paul ur so rude and self centred ta!! =P i wrote it yesterday so it wasnt rly close to ur bday!
but Happy Birthday dear Paul..thank you for wasting your precious time on reading my humble blog!

Secondly, thanks for sharing Chris =)
I guess that's why Paul says in the Bible to rejoice when we're persecuted and thru the trials...