Friday, May 22, 2009

If ne one has anymore ideas...

Had to list all my distractions of the morning xD..enjoy

- read all my 16th birthday cards and they made me cry

- looked through all my old photo albums and they made me laugh

- Couldn't get further than one face on a rubix cube!

- tried on all my dresses and liked none

- actually watched lanf's videos! *now dats sad!*

-entertained myself by reading the ingredients of a face cream

- fixed the backboard of my bed

-ate rucola for the first time..*im not sure if it was bleh or not*

hah i wonder what my aftrenoon and night of studying will look like at this rate...


Rachie said...

it wasn't bleh if you had the peppery kind :P

I'm watching scooby doo.

Matti said...

Lanf's videos are sad? I think they're downright hilarious, makes me LOL when he puts them up in the morning lol

BeCk said...

just for fun, let's compare it with my morning i
-wrote a fb note
haha bettina bettina bettina :) you could try writing another song now, or making a video yourself to compete with mike XD

Lanfy said...

booo hooo hoo . jealousy gets you no where

Bettina said...

ma guys xD i meant it was sad dat sumting dat silly entertains us all in this difficult phase of our lives =P

Zoe said...

Today all I did was...
and Twitter... a day from exams.. maaaaaaaaaaaaaa