Thursday, May 21, 2009

If mina doesn't have copyright.. xD

i was thinking of doing a mina-style blog...promising to get back to real, me-style bloggin in 2 weeks keep your eyes peeled! xD
woke up
call form achie
ran up the hill
double bio
happybday bev
long walk to uni
walked home for lunch
back to uni
studied some more
walked to jers car
drove to jones
waited in car to avoid being too early or too late *lol* xD
2 hrs of jones private lessons
back to my study
attempting to study but being distracted by blogging...
hey presto that was my day!! xD twas a gd one while it lasted =P
blessings to u all..2 weeeks aaaaaaaaaaaa gleee

p.s. i hav finished this day with a less pencil and ruler xD


Elaine said...

haha lovee it XD i agree, today was a gd day :) laughed at your not wanting to be too early for your lesson :P *stalker XD*

Rachie said...

Haha glad to have been a part of your fab day :P
I have your ruler btw XD

^KaI^ said...

this style is just quick and u get all d details in a way xD...u make me think i need to study more ><

MINA said...

yes Kai of course the style is awesome it's mine...

It's ok bett ghax int incedijielek kieku kien xi hadd iehor kellhom ihallsuni ir-royalties!