Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pre-Vienna Blog Transformation :)

So for the next two to three weeks this space turns into my very own travel blog!

Next Sunday I fly to Vienna for 2 weeks of experiencing life abroad alone as a music student attending piano master classes. O Oh the excitement!

I leave Sunday afternoon, and I'm gna be staying at a nun's home about 800m away from the University...xD more photos and details about all this by next week i can assure you :P ( since I'l probably be photoing and uploading every second of my days coz i'd want you all to see what it's like! Nd i'l have nothing better to do or no-one better to do it with)

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On Friday I'll start packing...but until then I'l be celebrating birthdays and making the most out of my pre-Vienna week by photoing practically everything I do and everyone i meet!
(ye yee it's just two weeks i'l stop fussing in a second :p )

Sooo I'l be back soon with pre-Vienna countdown photos and blogs! Stay tuned xD

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maria angela said...

i think u really should fuss cause its gona be an awesome time bett :P :D:D im excited for ya girl, u deserve every second of it :D ahhhh enjoyyyyy :D xxxxxxx