Saturday, July 17, 2010

Uber excited packing!

Waaaaaa the moment is here..finally packing for Vienna!
just printed tourist walks, my boarding pass, my e-ticket, my recommendation for the university, my house receipt thing and yuup all that jazzz.

Stage one of packing was piling up the clean dresses i found in my drawer...and the jewellry and makeup i needed.

i have now moved onto phase two...were the clothes form the wash that need to be ironed have well as toiletriees and jackets and hats xD....

Long dresses now coming out for concerts and the like :P....deen il move on to getting bags xD

tomorrow's most-likely outfit...

Look how swt this umbrella i found to take up! xD

ok im bad at this part..i want all my bags..i dont have many..

Shoes...and jumpers...

Haha You see I'm writing this all out coz packing can get lonely when your siblings and friends aren't around xD...sooo i must keep you informed!

Pajamas? do people take those abroad?

I feel really un-selfish...i;'ve given the fan completely to my computer tower becasue without it, it wont I'm working in the heat while it gets fanned :P hah oh well
ok the next step has to be the most important..the books, journals, pens and music that I'm taking up for the journeying and alone time! xD

aah...I'm slowly crumpling all the lists I had of things to take, and things to do before i'm gone. :) I'l leave here a person list-free.

Now something I'l figure out in the morning..I'm gonna go get cushions and sleep in Phil's (who btw is like a supeeerrrrr staar) room tonight!

Well...I guess that's why I don't have much fear about this trip...because it was something so planned by God I could never imagine anything but good coming from it. Not easy... but good. I guess I know deep down it will be hard but with God I can endure it.

My pen and paper to become my closest companions followed by the piano, my blog and facebook. But hey! I have a phone in my bedroom. Success!

Jamie just told me this tonight..and I think I'll cling to it if my head's tempted to wonder off negatively...

"How can you say you're lonely just because you're alone?"

SO here's to the weeks ahead!! A time of self discovery and digging deeper..and hopefully renewing my Me-And-God relationship and sharing all I've got with the world!

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laurab said...

Bon Voyage for the 10th time I think :p Have a great 2 weeks and I will miss u :( ly xxx