Sunday, July 25, 2010

Venturing Vienna Part 1


So my journey begins here...sitting wating to board the plane! Impatient people are queing up and perhaps the more layed back ones like myself sit back and wait more realxedly. I wonder if journalling in the middle of busy seats and spaces will become less akwars and uncomfortable in the days to come.

Sitting in a plane...the pilot just announced we have a half an hour wait before leaving so I couldn't resist writing.
I'm amidst way too many blonde blue-eyed people...My eyes feel so normal xD and for the first time ever my blonde-turned-brown hair feels abnormal and stands out quite nicely. Every other person is a looker guy.

@ZOE You'd be having a blast...and that family we thought I was sitting behind turned out to be 7 guys, about twenty, all laughing and joking..I must say for someone along on a plance they're fun to watch. xD
"Air Traffic Contorl Restrictions" are restricting us to half an our of sitting.
I'm next to a brother and a sister about 12 and 15... they're already sleeping on eachoterh so I'm happy sitting looking out the window for compant. Old men with socks and sandals contrast massively with E.F. student groups of 13 year old boys...Still i think I'm just about the only Maltese person on this flight.

*....ok so i rant on fast forwarding...* xD

BTW!!! the Matthias Kentzie lookalike that someone screamed and waved at is deffinitely on this plane! I was like..." No way! It cant be Matts going to Vienna and i didnt know!" but hah ye it wasnt him....

The plane passed over filfla and remembered sunrise with the guys...and passed over Gozo and Gozo channels exchanging people...oooh Youre all coming back to Malta now...but woo the beuaty of the sea and sky xD God you are super cool!

@ ZOE hot austrian guys now sinigng in German!

(So theeen I thought everyone forgot me but at about 10.30 my phone decided to work and i got like all your farewell messages at once and i was like aaaa im actually luved!! xD Theeen i started replying to some..but they wernt delivering and i was like aah the world hates meeee der not getting my msges..xD den achie got one! nd i wa slike hmm..wats different about achies number...haha tadaaaa she was saved wit the prefix of malta! Bimbo now ppls get my msges yaay hahah)


Sitting in the middle of some famous raod...scattered with cafes and crazy shops. The music school vibe is overwhleming...Now i jsut hope to make some friends...

Achie i bought achie-shoes!!

*at this point i wrote brooks a letter haha*

(then at night i had a massive crying session..dats wen i went online and told everyone i was homesick...yup the first day was the hardest)


Sitting outsude helensplatz i believe...some concert or gig about to i thought id stay and wait for it even though i couldnt find my friend. Just me and God time.

*so then i lsitend to a talk on a bench in the sun..twas up in the near future :P*


These past 5 days were the best ever! I treausre time like this spent with my rare sadly, but so amazingly beautiful. I love them.

So on Wednesday we met at the dome and went for lunch and had the famous Schnitzel...then we walked up and down shopping streets. We went to STadpark in the afternoon for a walk and a drink and we met 2 swiss guys! Totally random but me and phil had a real fun time having a good chat with them! *vera kienu jaharqu pero thats just a detail* xD Then we ate at Sky restaurant overlooking Vienna from a really high up place....Xeba mosquitoooosss!!

On thursday i believe we met at the same place and ate at an iatliane place...ok no that was firday..thursady we went to Agnes and Martin's hometown and we sawm in a lake and had a lovely idylic day finishing with wine and Viennese food at a traditional wine bar.

So then on firday we ate ialian haha and went to the schombrum palace...luvly!
after icecream at the palace and loads of walking we rested at my fmailys hotel and came to eat at Vapiano. Super cool. Then it just became cold xD and starts raining!! waaaa sam had to run me home in the rain!
And the aids conference finished and my romanian friend left on friday!

Yesterday we walked around and ate a light meal at a cafe, then went to musichaus and were lucky to watch a jazz band from pland.
Then we went over to the Bredls for a luvly BBQ, followed by a music session, followed by going for a drink and clubbing with Ben and his friends. I slept in the hotel room of my siblings xD after a crazy japanese receptionist threw a tantrum xD

today we met for mass at the Dom and tehn went to akakiko for lunch japanese style. Then we walked over the danube *which i hope you all know is brown and not blue* taking photos. THen they caught the U Bahn home to get a taxi to the airport...back to Malta.

*haha i spk alot about wer we ate..coz dats wer i hav fun just chatting wit my family and spending time wit dem xD hence its importance*

Wow..that was hard...who cares to stay in this city alone i was thinking....
Tomorrow i start again for anouther 4/5 days knowing nobody in the house and not having too much to do xD

But God got me thru last week and I;l get through this week! If alone...then i guess theres more God wants to teach me and more i need to pray and prepare for and il get through wit God...if not...He'll send me lvoe and get to know xD You know..if God thinks 2moro is worth me living..who am i to think otherwise....

so to get out of my mourning the departure of my family..after a good cry i went to find a museum this afternoon..xD got lost at first...but by the time i found it..der wer only 30 mintues to closing time..nd he was like no its not worth buyin ticket..xD ptx i was like fiiine haha

soooo i went bak to my normal pedestrian street...and went to the adoriation chapel in the cathedral..wer i decided il go everyday from now on..nd i had this luvly quiet time and cry/learning session with was rly many people pray and take god seriosuly here...more dan i thought.

then i walked round watching streest der wer some quite amusing ones i must say...i bought postcards for xeba people haha den i chucked myself at STarbuchs with a CARAMEL MACCHIATO and stayed writing postcards to my luvly maltese friends in sams big grey hoodie! mmm xD

then i forced myself to eat a wrap haha i dnt get hungry wen im alone ta..its just not dat fun at all haha

then on the ride home i spotted wiehed vera jahraaaaq...nd he actually got on my underground...nd den sat right behind me. And you know how u always hav these little day dreams of how he'll get off at the same station, go up the same escalaotr, and walk to ur house and den u realise aaah we hav to talk coz we're actually living in the same house!! so yee i had dat little day dream right haha nd den he actually did get off at my station..nd i was like oh my..den he went up my escalator..nd i was liek haha score..he's totally coming my direction and il get to knw him at bfast..deeeen

he took a right. -.- and i took a left...nd dat was the end of my beautiful boy story haha

sooo yee i just enjoyed venting on you...dnt bother re reading so xebaaa spelling mistakes!
i misss you alll and i uber luv u and realize now how much i appreciate my friends...stick close to God guys xD

"And we know that in all things God workds for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?

No, in all these things we are more than conqeurors through him who loved us. For i am convinced that neither death not life, neiether angels nor demons, neither the present not the future not any powers,

nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in CHrist Jesus our Lord."

Romans 8: 35-39

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 more days to Malta! xD
*nd i say dat to make me enjoy here more and to the fullest and keep me sane..dat i am back to samll , multi-friended-hot island in a few days


laurab said...

BETTINA :) I am glad u like vienna :D And everyone misses u a lot ta :)Sending love to u and tc xxxxx

Bahsheep said...

As i said before, you crack me up (:

And by achie-shoes, do you mean the nerd shoes you and el threatened to disown me if I bought? Cause that's just not fair :P

If I could catch a plane like a bus and be there this week I would. Ah, how yummy it all sounds.

mc said...

the jahraq/jaharqu parts had me in fits ah! xD...tres tres amusing! happy pianoing :P xx

H1llz said...

Hey Bett! I'm really enjoying reading about ur Vienna adventure! :D Keep up the updating ah. Just a tip, remember that ur going home to ur family soon and that this is quite a once in a lifetime opportunity so crying wud be a waste of time u can spend taking in the awesomeness :) that's what I've been telling myself all month in the US alone whenever I start to feel a little homesick haha it makes u feel better. Plus remember ur family and friends are all thinking of u and only a text/call/email away so no stress :) enoy the days u have left! xxx

Brooks said...

Beeeeeetttttt!!!! Had an "awwwww" moment when I read that you wrote me a letter haha Even though we msged this morning just wanted to tell you again that I'm missing you loads!!!!! I found it majorly amusing reading about your adventures and the food you ate (please tell me what japanese food is like XD) Stop cheating on me, the "husband", mentally with other guys ;)... AND... have fun, let loose and make the most of this coming week! xxx