Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Venturing Vienna Part 2


Yesterday after a pizza at Bizze's for lunch I went to a BBQ dinner at the Bredls...*mmm spare ribs again haha* twas a random night which ended in booking Agnes * the mummy* and lydia *the daughet* a flight to Malta for next Saruday just like that!

Today went to watch a film (Yes Brooks a film in vienna!!*) haha Knight and day...haha it perfectly suited my mood...nice and cheesy, unrealistic and romanitc...enjoyed it. Had my last lesson yesterday morning after an hour long nose bleed in the bathroom.
I prayed hard for someone to come to the bathroom and thankfully a nice lady showed up, for ice for me and everything...nice poeple, nice stuff.

tomorrow class meeting at 11.30 am ...We'll see how the day turns out last bit of shopping xD

quotes ive been thinking about and readin...

"I am not who i think i am.
i am not who you think i am.
i am who I think you think i am."

RObert Schuller

" Treat a man as he appears to be and you make him worse. But treat a man as if he were what he potentially could be and you make him waht he should be." Goethe

Hope is an alove leaf - evidence of dry land after a flood.


haha so today after the class meeting i walked around a little but failed to buy an 18th dress...or ne mroe presents..sadnes
spent an hour on the phone with the sister and spoke to zoe and mina today so yaay xD
haha deeen went to VOlksgarten...simply budafuuul!!! xeba roosesss!!
and stayed saoking up the sun writing letters, sad excuses for poems and listening to talks...
haha here's a bit of wat i wrote

Far too many people
are too far away from home
to be this far.

Nothing near enough
is nearly enough
to be this near.

Ways are twisted
way too many times
to be way better.

Must one be or not?

common things are things
too common to be more than overlooked,
so why do some things still work but others remain common?

You know, i Think im way too at peace for my heart to wonder
and my mind to think.

A smell of roses, strong enough for even me to smell
with my nose-full of pre-flight nasal spray.

The pinks, the yewllos, the reds,
the whites and even the oranges.
i wish i could blend in...
but i dont think my blue toenails
and multi coloured sunglasses are being of any help.

I cant say ive missed out
thought missing people
is something i long to miss.

My hearts just taking in tunes, meoldies,
words and expereicnes and
cannot get round to mixing them
to form a new
I need to write a song xD

Can you click on the link coz it wont let me embed xD

Haha seee epic fail but hey! then watched some street musicians and came home for an early night and bonding wtih achie!

2 more days left aaah sadness/ excitemetn!
luv to all
blessingss from Vienna


MINA said...

mmeeeeeeeeee :D

Michael said...

yay, go vienna :D
nice blog, good to see you had fun after a rought start ;)

Bahsheep said...

mina (:

Bettyy I wanna come there haha!

Bettina said...

haha thanks guzs!! xD yeees u shud achiiee....went to super cool musems at musems quarter!you shud hav been there...ders even a maths one taa! xD

laurab said...

Bett :) I miss u a lot taa :( Can't wait for monday to c u again after 2 weeks :)

MINA said...

a maths museum?!! uwejja? I want

Bettina said...

bahaha yeeees a amths museuum!!! thats why i thought of us freaky nerdy people!