Tuesday, June 3, 2008

If I had come home on time...*xD*

haha..ok all my blog titles will begin with "if" from now on..(not dat i promise many blogs but anyway =P)
so i got grounded..how funny is dat??..considering no1 in my family ever got grounded.. lol.. so i came home a bit b4 midnight..nd apparently i wasnt meant to on a weekday..*but did my mum ever tell me this? of course not lool*...and like my key dnt open d front door..*becoz sam locked it from inside nd our door's mad* nd i had to wake up my mum!! hence more trouble lol...nd so i got grounded haha
and like since im not at home a lot i get blamed for nething dat happens wen im not around lol

for example: xD sum1 bit a bounty and left it upstairs open...nd it got infested with ants...*obviously*..and i got d blame..but like dude i wouldnt hav left half a bounty chocolate uneaten on my desk im not daft!! xD
sooo if i had come home on time i wudnt hav been wriitng this stupid blog becoz i wud be gettin ready to go to sliema and "dye" my hair blonder with lemons, eggs and cinammon and my luvly friends lilly and beppe hahaha

newaaays haha summers been good.. now my plans are..to call d creche and ask wen i can go help... to call my piano teacher and ask wen i can go for lessons..nd to start a ballet class again after d ballet exams finish....
*gets out list of otehr things she must do in summer* :

  • Hav a romantic walk with elaine xD
  • play playstation at beppe (haha yey i can tick this one coz i played...he has a very cute family ta..nd an out of tune piano xD)
  • get fit..(i plan on stretching today at night wen its a bit cooler xD)
  • play piano (..haha well this is easy..ive written like 2 songs this summer..yes in these past few days lol..im luving pianotime...il show u all my songs one time wen u come over xD)
  • babysit..(ive been meaning to call my aunts to go help maa i forgot!)
  • visit school..(iiiiiii dorotheans...we hav to do our walk ta! xD)
  • write letters...(woooops...feeliin lazy and havent started writing letters to all my luvly friends xD..i will eventaully..and i hav to do schoolleavings as well!!)

haha dat was my list dat i made in class...but der wer more like..hook up with a tourist..and like cook pumpkin soup (luv ya el =P)...and like make a cold winter party in an airconditioned room xD...haha newaaaayy.....

i am currently missing zoe and achie because i havent seen dem for a whole day! xD...nd i miss all my doretheans specially drea..(who i had a date wit)..,el, d twins, nd kim (who i spent a day at ghadira with)...nikky, max and lilly..(who i...saw a film wit yesterday? haha and met at ghadira last time xD)...nd insomma all my other lovers dat i miss while i stay home being groudned lool*sayin dat sounds so wierd*

wat a shallow blog..dnt wry i will honour u all with my reflections another time but for now just keep tuned in to GOd...*becoz he wuuuvv uuuuu nd we'll only be happy wen we live for him xD*

Bet d cool (=P brooks nd paul)


Pawlu said...

:-O I'm the first to read your blog xD What a rebel you are, poor Mrs.Cassar having to ruin her *non-grounding* reputation to 'tame' u :P
Also i didn't get why brooks and I wer mentioned at the end?!.
Keep getting grounded love ur blogs,
and and i want to come and educate the orphans tooo!!!

Bettina said...

educate?..we're going to play wit dem xD...and because last time on ur msg to brooks i wrote "bet is cool"..xD..so like i signed as "bet the cool" and remembered d msg xD

Rachie said...

lol bet XD wat u lot are saying on msn atm is boring, so i read ur blog!
I'm missing u too.. I wish i had a car. cos im free every morning.. :(
Achie says hi ;)

Elaine said...

quu bett i got a mention like 3 timess xD i loveee uuu and i miss school anddd sitinng next to uuu..we so have to ahve our romantic walk.. *trying 2 remember wot our last one was about* anyways..we also have to walk from school to st julians...some time next week? xD andd the pumpkin soup...but dat pauls doing...with his disgusting white cheese *sorry paul*

Bettina said...

haha hav u seriously forgotten wat we wer talking about =P ???!!

Rachie said...

I have pumpkin soup every halloween XD

maria angela said...

loool yaay bett updated again xD haha i read it too late though xP we'll av a grr8 summer, i feel it ^^ keep postinggg bett =P
wuv uu matieee

Elaine said...

im also really dealayed on answering your question..lol yes bett i remember what we were talking about since you reminded me last sat xD haha.. btw.. we didnt actually manage to have a real romantic walk last sat.. so its postponed k? =P