Sunday, June 8, 2008

If our life's page was as blank as this one...

so i'm staring at this blank screen infront of me..and i'm in this mega pensive i will bless u with some thoughts and reflections of mine xD...

so like i dnt knw..if our life's page was as blank as this one how would we live it? how would we write it? i mean lately all that matters to me is having fun and all i tink about is how im gna fill my next day with activities to keep me busy and entertained..nd im der something wrong with that mentality?..isnt it like rly shallow?...(or am i simply over thinking things for a chnage? xD)

i mean just think for a few seconds about all those ppls who hav absolutely nothing possession-wise..and all those who have everything...and still der r d rich empty unhappy ones..nd d poor empty unhappy ones....and d poor happy ones and d rich happy ones...and happiness i mean wat is dat?..its not why we're alive...becoz if we wer always meant to be happy i belive jesus would always hav been happy and he certainly wasnt...all he did was keep his father shouldnt dat be our life's goal too? keep our Father happy..becoz after all He created us and knows what will make us happy!..

*feels like she got a weird balla off her stonku*..*nd now re-reads her sentence and realises shes a total pepe!*

insomma so lately i wrote this..and found a pretty tune for it..basically im thinking..we all procrastinated a bit during o levels..thinking in summer we'll hav laods of time and get bak to our quiet times and rly get close to God and get fit and blablabla (all those other promises we made to ourselves)...which hav all ended up like new years resolutions...not being fulfilled..and jsut being airy fairy thoughts dat we never put to action..*maaa*

so like im not sure how this song is related actually but here it is..sum thoughts from God xD:

Are your hearts too hard to take it in?
you have eyes...but can't you see?
You hav ears can't you hear?
Don't you remember...anything at all?

what about the 5,000 i fed?
what about the blood that i shed?
i've healed ppl with one touch
for you i gave so much..
why can't you see clearly?

Don't you understand even yet?
Scattered sheep; lost souls; once for all
you were sent looking for...
something to fulfill..your empty core..

what about the 5,000 i fed?
what about the blood that i shed?
i've healed ppl with one touch
for you i gave so much...
why can't you see clearly?

.....anwaaaayss...if uve managed to get to d end of my blog..*well done! xD* be glad to inform u dat il contiue spillin some other time..i mean like d thing dat happened at exiles..illa ive thought of so many "morals of the story"..dat like il need to write a book about dat incident xD..but for now il let u live...
im gna go read my bible and think about things dat matter and not thigns dat pls me for d moment...lets get back to God ppls..i think..actually i'm sure..its d only way we can change the world..


Rachie said...

i know what you mean betty x) I realised the point of last week was to point out to me that I don't need to be out all the time with all my friends, cos like, there's God next to me all the time, and people quite frankly pale in comparison... so yeah... I'm sorta relaxed-ish...

maria angela said...

amen bett!! dat was exactly wat i was thinkin lately as well.. i mean is this all to summer? just havin fun with friends? and i went "zmerc" coz ders somethin much more deeper...:) thanks for sharin bett!! :D

BeCk said...

ooo lovely post :p and very nice song i like loads well done :) :) Gbu my friendd :P i like ur blogs loadzz